Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Cooking Breads
I have found that a meal with a special kind of bread makes staying at home to eat--beautiful. A family going out to eat, costs more than a months’ food menu, in some cases. Couples that drink brew with meals spend even more.

I learned to cook from Blanche my fathers’ mother.
My own mother could not make pancakes without burning them. She even caught the kitchen on fire once cooking fish. My grandma was a baker. She used all real ingredients, never margarine, never skim milk. Fresh ground flour adds a flavor that is wholesome. She spent time adding love to her meals and always had something to offer guests, whenever they arrived. She was a hostess.

There are so many breads to make at home. Diversity is a great thing for meals that Zing! Yes, Wait for the compliments – or go on strike!
Holidays will add Braided Breads with fruits and nuts. The list of bread types is endless. Every country has their special breads that go with their special food recipes. Once you start collecting these recipes you will be the talk of the table – the neighbors will invite themselves over, often.

Sandwiches can be made out of Water rolls or Hoagie rolls. Bagels are used for cheese spreads or meat-salad spreads. Cinnamon rolls are the favorite for tea or office parties. Some drive-inns put scrambled eggs between Flat breads, or Muffins. Spaghetti needs Garlic bread, Bread sticks or French finger rolls. Chicken can use Naan spiced with Turmeric and Garlic.
Hamburgers go good with Onion rolls, Butter rolls or Buns. Steak might prefer Pumpernickel or A Dark Rye bread. Sour Dough breads are terrific with so many meals. Potato bread goes with light meals. Herb breads add flavor. Brioche Au Fromage is bread with 2 lb. cheese – usually Swiss.

Here are a few other examples:
Sprouted-Wheat breads, Buttermilk breads, Cracked or Bulgur Wheat bread, Russian Black bread, Molasses-bran bread, Yogurt bread, Honey bread, Butter-flake bread, Indian Fried bread, Gingerbread, Turn-over’s, and Biscuits are a few more varieties that you should try on your family.

Quick breads have lots of variety: Orange-Raisin Nut Bread,
Banana bread, Zucchini bread, Irish soda bread, Oatmeal bread,
Sour-cream coffee cake, Stolen, Coconut Tea bread, Corn bread, etc.

Let me know how it all turns out.
Hugs & kisses.
I love you!
G-ma Christie

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