Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have been reading about how we speak, what we say we don't want and how it becomes what we get.

I have always said, "I've been financially well off, I've been poor, I chose NOT to be poor again." If I had said, "I don't want to ever see Jane again". For sure, Jane would be just around the corner.

WELL, THERE IT IS. I say the word NOT and POOR and that is what my brain picked up.

Just like what we remember from childhood - There It Is Again-- all the bad things that happened to us, or so we think. Very few of the GOOD THINGS do we retain in our brains. I'm sure it is for our safety to remember not to get into the middle of whatever it was back then, again. However, our language needs to be, and must be, changed for us to allow ourselves to have the lifestyle we really want and deserve.

Every day and in every way I'm getting better and better!
My Dad used to say, "I love me, my picture is on the shelf, I love me I'm wild about myself. Why you might not think me looks so good, but me thinks me looks fine".

He believed in being fit, strong, exercising with running & gymnastics. He used my swing set in the back yard to chin him self daily. He would use one-hand for 50 chin-ups then the other one and then both hands to finish that ONE exercise. He could take a run and jump over a standard car roof ...I've seen him do it! He could crush hands with his grip. He never lost a fist fight. He could run backwards faster than anyone challenging him could run forward. He worked two jobs all his life and still had time for fun and play, trips to Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Mountain hunting and fishing, traveling to other countries on vacation and visiting friends. He invited people over to our home for evening parties with food and games or events.

Good uplifting books about lifestyle changes are everywhere. For example: How To Win Friends and Influence People; The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; The Power of Positive Thinking; Acres of Diamonds; Cyber Cybernetics; Think and Grow Rich; Rich Dad-Poor Dad; Og Mandino's Great Trilogy: The Greatest Salesman in the World/The Greatest Secret in the World/The Greatest Miracle in the World; The Law of Success; One Minute Millionaire & One Minute Manager; The Science of Getting Rich; The Master Key to Riches; Ben Franklin-12 Rules of Management; The Millionaire Course; Man's Search For Happiness; The Success Principles; Three Feet From Gold; Outwitting the Devil; The Power of Your Subconscious Mind; The Tipping Point; Multiple Streams of Income; The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind; The Automatic Millionaire; Your Road map For Success; The Road Less Traveled; How To See yourself As You Really Are; The Color Code - Your Relationships & Life; The Four Agreements; and Wake Up and Live the Life You Love! Read -- On-line books on any good subject; Psychology books & Suzy Orman for Your Financial Credit. There are MANY OTHERS. These are a good start to change the way you think TO start thinking positive about yourself and your life ahead of you! You can be any & everything! You choose!

I have come to realize that YOU ARE WHAT YOU SPEAK! Compile your dream book -- full of things you like, have done, want to still do, how you see your home, car, family, and life-style. It is full of ideas. The actuality of these ideas comes with who you are, how you think, how hard you work, what you read, and what you say.

Anything you can believe you can achieve -- ADD hard work and time to this recipe.
Your thoughts must give you good feelings. All things are made up of vibrations. It is these thought vibrations that raise your level of thinking and life. For Example: If you look at the glass of water in your hand and say to it -- I love you, bring me great health - The water is controlled by you in this universe. It will change its crystals and obey you. This fact has been proven by scientists.

Never use the word NO or I can't. The reason they say, "No matter what, the glass is always half-full." It is because you can always add something more to it. It can never be empty - it is at least full of air. The book "The Secret" brings about this fact. I saw a glass filled with gravel once. The questions were asked, "Is it full?" No! He added marbles. Same question - NO! He added sand. Is it full - No! He added water. He could also add cake sprinkles or something lighter STILL until it begins to run over the top (which by the way gives it more room to add something else into it). It is always half full!

Structure you life in this way. There is always more to learn, more to do, more to accomplish, more to become. Keep your speech elevated and happy. Song: Don't worry be Happy, should just say -- Be Happy - Life is good, Enjoy life to its fullest. Pray Daily! If it is to be ...it is all up to YOU. Know that g-ma loves each of you totally. The Angels will quote from words written in your Journals. Teach yourself and your family to love the Lord and follow the commandments totally by being obedient. There is no gray! There is only black and white, wrong and right. Choose the Right! Choose the Right! Stay active in church, read your quad scriptures, Ensign, and Conference Talks THEN act as if Christ was standing beside you at all times. The angels are ACTUALLY there today! Maybe I will be one of those angels! Smile - because I love you!