Saturday, February 26, 2011



All over the world there are people who are searching for their ancestors. Available to you on computer are several addresses.;; many computer programs for recording information - Roots Magic 4, PAF 5.2, Legacy, and Family Tree Maker 2011. Other sites are everywhere: Cyndi's List,, My Trees, My, World Vital Records, World Family Tree, One Great Family, IGI-International Genealogical Index, Family, Pedigree Resource File, and the list goes on and on.

In the Jewish Law, as you can read in the Bible, their lineage or ancestry was valuable. In many tribes their is one person who has the job of memorizing their leaders, who were family members, no longer alive. Their words or writings were given much credence - important to live by.

Jan Alpert said, "When you know what your ancestors went through, you have a greater appreciation for why you are the person you are." I add, you will understand why their actions may have been foreign to your time period. Study their time and think how you might have lived. Many ancestors went through terrible wars, plagues, sickness, dirt floors, no computers, no cell phones, no cars, no trains, no airplanes, no washer & dryer, no dishwasher, no X-box, no movie theatre, no indoor toilet or running water, and some lost their homes and many of their children. They often traveled by foot over long distances. A Doctor may have lived in a different town. Most families stayed close to parents and family members and helped each other.

Joseph Smith Jr., said (paraphrased) If you worked day and night, you would not have enough time to get your Family History finished before the end comes.
We will be judged out of the books. One of those Books is the Book Of Life! I definitely want my name to be in there with good things said/recorded about me.

I admonish you to live a good life. Please, be obedient to the Gospel, the Scriptures, and the Commandments of God. While you are young, please assist those who are doing family research for your family. It requires a little time - the benefits are great! Baptisms are part of the Gospel. Research Libraries are in most cities and are connected to the Family History Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Other ordinances can be shared and completed across the world.

We are all family! Those of us who live in this time period, with all our modern conveniences and benefits have made promises (Found in our Patriarchal Blessings) to serve and to care for our families [here and over there]. We cannot be saved without them. Time waits for no one. Call to find out how you be help serve your family research projects. It may be all up to YOU!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Boys and Their Muscle Growth

My son was quite thin as a youth. He had no muscles in his chest or arms. He wanted to look like the beach men showing off their chest and arm muscles, or lifting ladies on their shoulders to have water fights in the pool or shallow water. Sometimes we call their muscles vanity muscles, because they are showing them off. A good flex and their bicep muscles pop up hard. That is when a friend presses on them and says something like, wow, you are really strong. Boys usually wish for bigger muscles too soon. Their bodies won't build that kind of grown-up muscle until they're older and into puberty - somewhere between 9 to 15 years old.

When we moved to the beach his desire increased. I purchased a weight bench and instructed him to use it every day and that it would take possibly one and one-half years before he could have great looking muscles. We purchased a book on the proper way to lift weights, to rest between types of lifting, and to lift a smaller amount of weight a bunch of times is beter than trying to lift a heavy weight once or twice. I mentioned that any physical activity -- from riding your bike, foot racing your friends, running, gymnastics, swimming in a pool, dancing, wrestling, to playing sports like basketball or football - can make you stronger. To that you can add - push-ups, sit-ups, and chin-ups. He was willing to work for success.

After school, without fail, he would be in the exercise room using the weight bench. He played with friends at school doing hoops, with activity in Boy Scouts camping, climbing hills, and outdoor activities. He entered and won the 'build a hand-cart', fill it with the weight of friends, and race it to the finish line. He was very diligent and grew muscle strength quite fast. It wasn’t long before he could tell that it was all working.

We also went to the beach as often as possible. It was a great place to get a tan, enjoy the cool breezes blowing and either watch or participate in fun games and activities there. Walking on the trails you would see all kinds of sights. My favorite was an 80 year old man with great muscles and a small waist showing off to the college girls who were only there to have a picnic.

Life is full of challenges, opportunities and learning about our self. When we watch others we also learn from their mistakes or successes. May we all know why we are here on earth, what to accomplish, and where we are going after life here.
If you have a son, be sure to give him the tools he needs to succeed in his dreams.
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Friday, February 18, 2011


Friends and Marriage

I Had a good friend get married on Valentine's Day. She found her husband, of long ago, re-met him, found he was a widow and rekindled their affection. It became a special love story. They had had four children together. He was a policeman and after retiring became a carpenter. He built display cabinets for large companies.

They had both gone on with their lives after their divorce, however, Carla carried an enduring love for Robert that never quit. She spoke of him to me often and said she would some day find him again. I bet Robert felt that same way.

Isn't computer Internet wonderful? You can put in a name with a 'last known' city and search for old friends. Some web-sites will give you quite a bit of free information, while others charge you a minimum of $9.95 to even check the information for you. They usually have a commercial that says they have LOTS of info on that person, whether they actually have any or not.

Carla went over to Texas, the state where Robert was living and made an appointment to visit with him. That visit was a good one. Sparks rekindled and they decided to get married - the next year on Valentine's Day. They started phoning each other and checking to see how each other was and all that lovey-dovey stuff that happens over the phone with people in love, again. Then winter came and snow fell with ice. It was hard for Robert to find roads open for travel. He was going to drive out with his son (from the last marriage) and then the son would fly back - because he was working at a job and only got the week-end off.

Many phone calls and some disappointment was communicated due to the winter roads. The date of February 14Th was soon arriving and Robert was still in Texas. Snow and ice continued to fall around Dallas and Fort Worth and the roads were impassable. Then the sun came out and Robert got into the car and off he and his son went towards Utah. He arrived just a few days before the wedding date. Carla was relieved. She had obtained two cats after her Cinnamon cat died and now she had three. It seemed they were everywhere in her two-bedroom home. Robert is not allergic to cats and so that didn't bother him. He settled in very well.

The reception was the next evening and Carla decided to have it casual. Lots of people came. People from work, people living in the apartment complex that she lives in, church people, and friends all were there. She got 'many' envelopes with money and lots of gifts. The cake was beautiful - I got to take some home and I shared it with my neighbors. There was lots of food. M&M's, chocolate brownies, flour torquitos, cut-up fruits and sherbet punch. One of the people sitting at our table was the 'Scrapbook Lady' who holds classes that Carla attends (they last into the midnight hours). It was lots of fun talking with her and the others there.

Wow! Love still blooms in the world! Happiness and good wishes always to good friends. May you have abundance and soar in life to the highest heights possible.

Monday, February 14, 2011


TODAY IS VALENTINE'S DAY. What a Happy occasion!

My husband said to me this morning, "My life began when I married you!" WOW!

That makes me so blessed to have him in my life. Once love letters were sent out often to announce love for spouses. If you receive a card or a letter today, it means your special and loved. If you choose to write a poem, the words need to be emotional and should produce a nice smile and maybe a hug or kiss back at you.

Valentine's Day started out as a clash between a kindly priest and a mighty ruler. Now, St. Valentine is reverenced as its Patron Saint. In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius is given the honor of proclaiming February 14 to be a feast day in honor of St. Valentine.

Later, the day was observed by young Romans who began offering handwritten greetings of affection, known as Valentines, to the women they admired. Valentine's Day is one of the major holidays, in the U.S., that use greeting cards and hand written letters to tell sweethearts that they are loved and special. This day is right up there with Mother's Day and Christmas.

The Valentine's Day card is now celebrated all over the world. The card - Often designed with red hearts, cherubs with arrows, and lip kisses, is one of the ways love is shown. Of course, e-mail, face book, twitter, linked-in, e-cards, skype, phone texting, phone calls, and personal words are also popular today. It is said that Valentine cards represent 25% of all cards still sent out to sweethearts, per the greeting card association; it is still a commercial success.

Act now, don't wait. Your love can bloom with new romance by producing that red card for the one you love. Be sure to look for that smile and maybe a big hug or kiss.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011



A bit unusual for them to speak about the world in crisis, morality gone over the edge, and families in trouble. Many references were given from those writers of long ago, who predicted "our world" at this time.

The botton line is that, unlike the early Saints, we aren't living the commandments to their heighest levels. Still - there are some who attend, serve, and have lovely families. They also have Temple recommends. Another group follows only the commandments that they like -- sort of like getting lunch at a cafeteria. Not being totally committed will not get you inside those 'golden gates of heaven'.

The prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. told us to forego the idle or free times we have --in these busy days -- and attend the Temple more often and continue to read the scriptures. For in them, are the answers to our questions and solutions to all our problems. The Lord can only help & assist us when we do as the Brother of Jared did. Bring the problem to the Lord, delevop a solution and take that idea back to the Lord. It will either be confirmed as good and go ahead, or your will get a stupor of thought, be confused, or you won't feel right about it.

My neighbor spends time with his young daughter before bed-time by reading 5 verses of scripture to her and having her read the next 5 verses. Then they discuss what they read. By spending quality time with her, instead of computer games, TV, movies, or not being at home, he is developing a strong daughter of God - who will be able to fight against evil as she grows into womanhood. I give him my compliments.

May we all be valiant in reading the scriptures, serving others, and following the commandments.