Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The choir sings during the two conference's each year, April and October.
A two-day conference, with the pleasure of me sitting at home with my TV turned on.
Watching the talks researched and given by persons chosen by the Priesthood Quorum. The speeches may be by the Apostles, the Seventies, the Women's Organizations Relief Society and Primary), or just ordinary persons, who are members.

I could have gone by Trax-train to Salt Lake City and walked about a block to the main Conference Center, by getting off a the "Temple Square" stop. The Center Houses over 25,000 seats in several levels. There are two huge screens to show you the speakers -- just like you are in the front row. These screens televise the words to the songs that the choir and congregation are to sing.

The choir has 350 members. The ladies have costumes with selected jewelry in several colors. Everyone is dressed the same. When the ladies have on a certain color of dress or skirt and top, the men have on their black or grey suits with a matching tie -- the same color as the women's dresses.

The choir practices several times per week, before the conference or other event where they will sing. They also travel world-wide and sing for dignitaries, countries, and educational places. I heard that they pay for their own travel fees.

Each person wanting to be a member of the choir has to send-in a video and if selected also sing in front of judges. They only want professional voices in the choir. Singing in a choir during church does not count. They mentioned last week that student at BYU University in their choir may be professional enough to try-out for the Tabernacle Choir. The American Choir. Their voices meld together so beautifully with power and softness that is lacking in other choirs.

They are fantastic! When the have a soloist, the voice is trained and beautiful!