Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Boys and Their Muscle Growth

My son was quite thin as a youth. He had no muscles in his chest or arms. He wanted to look like the beach men showing off their chest and arm muscles, or lifting ladies on their shoulders to have water fights in the pool or shallow water. Sometimes we call their muscles vanity muscles, because they are showing them off. A good flex and their bicep muscles pop up hard. That is when a friend presses on them and says something like, wow, you are really strong. Boys usually wish for bigger muscles too soon. Their bodies won't build that kind of grown-up muscle until they're older and into puberty - somewhere between 9 to 15 years old.

When we moved to the beach his desire increased. I purchased a weight bench and instructed him to use it every day and that it would take possibly one and one-half years before he could have great looking muscles. We purchased a book on the proper way to lift weights, to rest between types of lifting, and to lift a smaller amount of weight a bunch of times is beter than trying to lift a heavy weight once or twice. I mentioned that any physical activity -- from riding your bike, foot racing your friends, running, gymnastics, swimming in a pool, dancing, wrestling, to playing sports like basketball or football - can make you stronger. To that you can add - push-ups, sit-ups, and chin-ups. He was willing to work for success.

After school, without fail, he would be in the exercise room using the weight bench. He played with friends at school doing hoops, with activity in Boy Scouts camping, climbing hills, and outdoor activities. He entered and won the 'build a hand-cart', fill it with the weight of friends, and race it to the finish line. He was very diligent and grew muscle strength quite fast. It wasn’t long before he could tell that it was all working.

We also went to the beach as often as possible. It was a great place to get a tan, enjoy the cool breezes blowing and either watch or participate in fun games and activities there. Walking on the trails you would see all kinds of sights. My favorite was an 80 year old man with great muscles and a small waist showing off to the college girls who were only there to have a picnic.

Life is full of challenges, opportunities and learning about our self. When we watch others we also learn from their mistakes or successes. May we all know why we are here on earth, what to accomplish, and where we are going after life here.
If you have a son, be sure to give him the tools he needs to succeed in his dreams.
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